Yancosaurusrex workmens caps

My sister and I got some new caps from Killa Kyle over at Tracko this week and I thought I would review them. First we both love them. So comfy, and feels like they shape to your head right off the bat. Breaks in really fast, forms to you. Great for those cold nights, but also so breathable in the heat. It has become my new favorite and strongly recommend you pick one up. I get nothing but compliments when I rock it. Great work from Tracko and the homie Yanco.

Get em here!!!

Livery design gruppe suede straps

The guys over at Livery, gave me a set of the camo straps. I’ve ran for a lil over two weeks now, smashed on em, rode in the hardcore rain we’ve been having in LA as of late, and I’m impressed. Through the rains, the didn’t slip, they dried pretty fast, didn’t shrink, or stretch, maintained the color. I also have a new training route which consits of two major hill climbs in Griffith Park, and one long decent. I’ve gone up and down several times in the last two weeks and the straps have not needed any adjusting, they stayed in place from day one. I’ll while continue to update as the weeks progress, but I see these lasting on my bike for awhile.

Pick em up here for 49.99, which is a pretty damn good price.