DTLA Summer Series: Race 5: Results

What a month of Thursdays! A big thanks goes out to my homies from DTLA, for holding down another awesome summer series! Thanks to Boo-Boo for organizing the racers, Pork for for handling their safety, and Ash, well, for being Ash! Good shit last night. The Fixed gear group had to do 20 laps around Echo park lake, once they completed their first 5 laps around the Roadies, jumped in the mix to do the last 15 laps. Brutal, it’s a little over a mile a lap. (20+ miles!) We had an amazing ending to the Fixed group, a real fight to the finish. The sprint at the end was epic, with the winner, crossing the line, by a half wheel length. Fucking sick.

He did it! He finally won! Riccardo!!! Good shit at the end! I’m proud of you, keep the wins coming!

Tony Z won the roadie group with ease. Good shit, congrats on your first win, the day after your birthday!

Photo op with the Champ!

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Hella Tight

I’m super stoked to have Hella Tight sponsor “The Lord of Griffith Two” this year. These hats are the shit. Extremely well made, great designs, mostly based on California Culture. This is the second race Hella Tight has sponsored for us, and it stokes me out that they are very down with what we are doing, I’m proud to rock their caps, and so should you. Come out and win one or order one online. Thanks Josh!