BFF LA, Plan your week!!!

Opening day!!! See ya’ll there!

While I won’t be attending this, it looks really fucking good, and hope to see this in the future. I’ll see you at the after party!

This is why I won’t be attending the Birth of big air… Big fucking day for us! The World Premiere!!! Rides!!! (two of them) Race!!! Movie!!! I cannot wait til Friday.

During the Urban Bike shorts programs, we got LA up in that bitch. All-city lll, Line of sight, Tokyo to Osaka. Go support.

Come hang out with the Nerd Crew

I will be updating as the week starts, this is just a heads up. Get ready!!!

Oh and there’s movies going as well, here’s the schedule!

Bicycle Dreams

I cannot wait to see this…. plus there’s a lot of great movies this year at the BFF. As well as, a ton of events and parties going on. Think of this as your heads up for next week. I’ll be posting everyday, what is going on, and what we’ll be doing, so keep your eye out for that. Just buy tickets now, I’m sure the all the programs will sell out. The best thing for me besides the huge day on Friday, is that Cubby Boob will have booth on Sunday at the Block party. You know that’s where it will be goin down. CBNC!