Death before Derailleur: Crewneck Sweatshirt

Remember these Posters awhile back? Well, now they’re are back in Sweatshirt form. I love em. I’ve noticed a that the Fixed gear cycle of hate is back this winter, from random posts to garbage websites. The Cycle continues. Well, for those of you of who think a it’s a huge trend, you’re right. It has been, and it will be. We were saying this a more then a few years ago. If anything it doesn’t look like its going away, when and if it does, then we’ll all be able to collect parts and frames for really cheap, if not, then more people will be on bikes. Thats what really matters, more folks riding. Until then…. Just ride your fucking bikes, whatever they maybe.

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Moe Straps

A little over a year my good friend Matt Lord, sent me this leather U lock holster from Seattle. It’s from a company called “Moe Straps”. I have always wanted a matching one, or another one. It’s weathered very nicely, and still feels like it will last forever. I’m posting this, because, I’m trying to find out if they are still being made, I’m heading to Seattle for New Year’s this year and want to meet up with who ever makes them and get another one. Internet searches, have yielded nada, and Matt hasn’t seen these around in any shops, lately. So, Seattle if you have any info, let me know!

Product Review | Mission Workshop | The Shed

A few months ago, Mission Workshop hit me up to do a review on “The Shed“, the first ever “Rolltop Messenger Bag”. After taking this bag back and forth from work, Las vegas for interbike, and SF for the BFF, I figured it was time for the write up. I really took my time with this bag, I would love it, then out of nowhere I would just hate it, (the Gemini in me) and not use it for a few days. It was my travel bag, meaning I would pack clothes in another bag, and bring this as my roll around the city bag. Fill it with my shopping, tools, camera and other shit I would need during the trip. As for commuting, I liked it. It has a real professional look to it. Coming into a professional work environment, it made me feel legit, and very proud to be riding my bike to work. Almost like a briefcase, but more badass. As a working bag, i.e. Bike Messenger, I wouldn’t use it (I’ll explain below), for a commuter or Student, where you are in and out of your bag very little, and need to carry a bunch of stuff at one time. I highly recommend it. Read on for the full explanation.
The profile of the bag is sick. It looks good on, so many compliments from people on the street. At interbike, I was getting stopped left and right from industry folks wanting to know what bag company it was from.
I really liked the shoulder strap/ pad combo. Feels good and looks great on. I have carried a ton of weight in this bag, and always felt secure on my body. No real issues. At interbike, after having 30+Lbs in it, for over Ten hours my shoulder was feeling the pain, but most sling bags would have had the same issues after that much time. The width of the shoulder strap, really came into play when there was a lot of weight in the bag. It kept the bag on your shoulder not digging into it or in your neck. One of the features I liked.One of the features I didn’t like. The chest compression strap. It needs to change. Even after a few months, it never broke in, it was impossible for me to tighten or loosen while riding, with out going all over the road or almost crashing. I would have stop riding or before I got going, use both hands to muscle it through to get it how I wanted. I would curse it on a daily basis. Please fix it, or change it up.
The Rolltop feature. Never used it. I did once and it was very uncomfortable to ride with. I like how deep the bag is, but for me the rolltop was something I could do without. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I kept it traditional. The Buckle system, very nice. Made for tightening and loosening the bag very easy. Looks flashy as well. You can now upgrade the buckles to various colors. The only I would add to this system is another buckle or D-ring to the end of the compression strap. Just a little something more to grab onto as you cinch the bag tight on your chest.
This photo is from my Shed update a bit ago. It really shows how deep the bag is, and also why this is not a working Bike Messenger’s bag. The bag’s fold over flap/ rolltop part, creates a huge pocket to fill, but it is impossible to get into while riding or standing, you can’t really dig around in the bag or reach far into it, while it is on your body. Some many times, I had to take it off just get something out. This bag is perfect for commuters or students who want to look clean and have to carry a bunch of stuff while riding. That what I use it for, going to work or the grocery store, not for getting in and out of quickly and a lot of times through out your day.650I loved this pocket. The Laptop pocket. So good. This is what really makes this bag good for commuters and students. The laptop pocket creates a safe place to store your laptop, without sacraficing space in the main comparment. I have carried so much in the main pocket, had my laptop in it’s cubby hole, and have forgotten it was there. All messenger bags need to adapt to this. I can’t sing it’s praises enough. Great work there. I have crashed, and the machine was perfectly protected, no worries at all.The Shed, the new Urban Briefcase.

Rider Profile: Ace Carretero

The Boogie Monster. I love my dude. Forever cracking jokes and spinning spokes. haha. Seriously, Ace pushes me. One of the hardest working guys I know. We get into it sometimes, but it’s always for the best. Chin Checking, I love it, it makes me want to be better and work harder. I thank him so much for introducing me to the Nerd Crew, and letting me get down. This is what I call Family, and I’m happy that Ace is core member of mine. CNBC. Interview after the jump.

Ace Carretero

what do you ride?
1 track, 1 road
Toyo Godzilla with Sugino/EAI drive train
Mavic CXP12>Phil Wood HF 32h
Thomson Bits

Kelly Road Bike
Built with Red
Miss Matching Mavic wheels
Thomson/Easton Bits

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
I’ve been riding since 2005 and what started me was riding to work on my 24” bmx cruiser. As a kid I always wanted an Elf BMX bike. After saving up some money i was determined to get it. My exposure to track bike was seeing my co-workers ride a type of bike that was impractical. As a joke they told me I wouldn’t be able to ride that type of bike, and i wanted to prove to my self i could do it.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
Yes. I wear a helmet because the first time I used it for it’s intended purpose, It felt like my head hit a pillow when I fell. “what do ya know, they do work.” At that point I was convinced.

Favorite Shop? Why? Orange 20 Bikes.
I built my first bike entirely from parts that they suggested to me back in 2006. I honestly don’t feel comfortable buying from anyone else.

Clip or clipless on a Track bike in the Streets?
It all depends on the riding conditions. Commuting/Cruising with my friends the choice is obvious, Clips. On more challenging rides I opt for clipless because of the efficiency.

Ride with headphones/ music?
In the city where there are cars as obstacles, I like to be alert so no headphones. If I’m doing a particularly long ride in more remote areas i’ll put the shuffle on to keep my mind off how much I’m hurting.

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
Chubby Boob, The Juice Cycling, Trophy Club

Fav. Race?
Missing Out or Friendly wagers against friends.

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in LA?
Griffith/PCH/Sunset Blvd[all of it]

Fav. person(s) to ride with?
Trophy Club, The Juice, CBNC

Dope Chill spot?
Scum Dungeon

Why LA?
Chasing celluloid dreams with digital cameras

What do you do for work?
I sell wheel strings, rear gorillas, King Cog Headsets, and Tire spatulas at LA’s premier bike shop (o20).

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
Photo Journalist, Best Boyfriend in the World, aspiring body builder, lover of good times.

Dream Bike?
Getting my Samson restored by Samson

Best/ worst about riding in LA?
Best thing would have to be the varying terrain. The worst would have to be the varying terrain.

Any LA secrets/ tips you want to give out?
Pan Pacific park is the spot after hours.

Shout outs?
Ma & Pa Dukes, Original Mellow Mondays Camp (Capsole), Nerd Crew, The Juice Crew, My Boo, The-Sleepers, 2 Rabbits, Trophy Club, Yokal, Trafik, Encino Velo, RTBL, Valley Dudes, o20 Groms. People i will shout out directly; Devon, Mary, Jay & Cicero, John Platt, Jason Carrasco, Shaun Hood, Oscar, Avo, Anthony, Colt, Gert, Matt Stanley, Tushi, Evon from KRSM, Jups, Ynot?, Shiloh, Hassan, Jed, Kei, Joemm, Sean Martin, Joe Labato, Chunk, Bob, Mike, Kyle Ng, Cole, Mike Bike, Gomi, Gaunty, Baller, Sit, 11hz robot, Yong, Dj Neight, Nobi, Giro, Tyler Humer, Tim, Kyle, Jeff & Nina the robots, Ty on Two wheels, Ernie, T-Bone, Beaver, George, Efram, Juan, Chem, Puntakarn Kanchom, Mikey Wally, Jim Cadenhead, TJ Flexer, Kelly Martin, Hime, Hern, Jack, Megan, Alex transient, Chicken Leather, Cat, Ashira, Shert, Too Tall, Greg, Juan, Jenny, Tall Zach, Zachary Taka Scott, Tony Z, and Ro Blvd and a whole mess of other people i’ve met through cycling. If i left you out i didn’t mean to. Just know all of you make me smile.

Last word?

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