Rider Profile: Adan Hernandez

Adan, my brother. I have known this guy for over half my life, we have been to the brink and back. So many war stories, so many Lulz, we have seen and done things that would make a normal man go insane. Coming home for the holidays, I wanted Adan for the Monday profile. He as amassed a wicked Schwinn collection, and rides all year round. Snow tires for the winter, slicks for the summer. My old faithful friend, who has been there, for so many of us Alaskans throughout the years. He’s the best, even though we don’t get to see each other very much, when we do it’s like time stood still. If you ever make it up to AK, be sure to go to Oscar’s Taco Grande, the only Taco truck in Anchorage. You will not be let down. I have the pleasure to fly down to Seattle with my friend, for NYE, and there really no one else I would want to be traveling with. Seattle, watch the fuck out. Trouble is coming.

Adan Hernandez

What do you ride?
66 Schwinn varsity
70 Schwinn racer
80 Schwinn cruiser 5
? Shwinn ladies cruiser
72 Columbia 10 speed
91 Murray cruiser
91 Shimano Mt bike converted to 3 speed roadie
2007 Specialized Tricross

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
I’ve been riding since childhood. I really got into fixing up old bikes and riding more back in 2002 when I moved back to AK from Seattle. I was just over driving and I always feel better when I’m on a bike.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
I don’t and I have no excuse. I’m a super lucky fool, because I’ve wrecked more times than I care to remember and I’m still walking and talking like normal. New Years resolution: Get a helmet.

Favorite Shop? Why?
Big shout to Off the Chain Bike Co-Op. So good for the community. But as far as traditional shops go I”m givin it up to The Bicycle Shop the original ANC bike store there are places that have fancier stuff but got nothing but love for the guys who won’t bend you over to true a wheel.

Clip or clipless?
Clipless. But clips for my tricross are on the list this year.

Ride with headphones/ music?
Only the music in my head. I like hearing what’s coming up behind me.

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
GSBG-Green Schwinn Bike Gang

Fav. Race? Not much of a racer. I like the alley rallys, bike scavenger hunts, or poker runs.

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in AK? I like going from my house west on 15th, south on Minnesota west on Spenard and around the Lakes Spenard and Hood. It’s perfect ride on a late summer night when the sun stays up late there’s a lot of float planes out there. Beatiful.

Fav. person(s) to ride with?
Sean Martin, Smellhorn, any of the Spenard Satans

Dope Chill spot?
Lot’s of cool spots on the “beach” off the Coastal Train. Hop the fence by Elderberry Park and You’ll have a private getaway.

Why AK?

What do you do for work?
I run a family taco shack near downtown in the industrial zone. Oscar’s Taco Grande. We’ve been at it for 32 years wish us luck.

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
Snowboard, just started cross country skiing (my inner teenager is rolling his eyes)

Dream Bike?
I want all the bikes. Seriously I have a problem.

Best/ worst about riding in AK?
Scenery. It’s hard to go for a bad ride around here.
Worst: drivers.

Any AK secrets/ tips you want to give out?
Watch them corners in the spring it’s either gonna be icy or have some loose gravel. Dress warm in the winter, cover your face.

Shout outs?
Mom, Dad, The Martins, Sandra and all the ladies in Catalonia.

Last word?
Is this thing on?

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