Need help to get racers on the road.

This past weekend was my Birthday. Zoe and Justin K. came through to meet me at La Cita for the jump off Saturday.
Within a half hour or less, both of their bikes had been stolen. How’s and the why’s are not important at this point.
What is important is getting these guys back on the road. Zoe has been killing it lately in the street races in LA, solid dude,
and one of my favorite Street racers in the city. Justin K, has thrown events for ya’ll, sponsors a few of you as riders for his clothing company and has been training hard for the LOG lll. He needs to race, and he is a big part of this community, very deserving of help.

What I am asking for is this, track/ fixed gear parts, frames, wheels, whatever it takes, to get bikes for these guys, and get them on the road. What ever you can donate or hook these guys up with would be awesome. This when the community comes together to help out a few of our own, who have been there for ya’ll.

Email us at if you have anything to donate.

Thanks in Advance, lets do this!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Study Footwear

Study Footwear has jumped on as Sponsor of LOG lll. These are the shoes you can win.
The Bike Drops, Super comfy, Cycling specific, very stylish off the bike. Have no fear, they will be setting up
a booth at the afterparty and will be selling these shoes for very cheap ($25). Come through and swoop!
Super stoked to have a shoe sponsor for the race!

The Gravel Pit will be the only place you can get these and the other Study designs in LA.
They start selling them there this month.

Come checkout the shop for the afterparty and take care of all your needs!