Concrete Jungle: Results

What a fun night of racing! Last night was Concrete Jungle, a super fun super fast alleycat. It was the first of many benefit races (once a month) leading up the Westside Invite (being held in November). It consisted of five pick ups (in order) of different sized fedex boxes, then go get your “stand by” stamp, then head off to five drop off locations, which you could do in any order. This is where I fucked up. I didn’t notice that address were written on the boxes and thought you just went back to the pick up locations. What a DUMBASS! That cost me more than a few places (11 overall) in the race. Luckily, my CBNC team member Robert passed me going the opposite direction and yelled out where the locations were. Even with that mistake, the race was a blast and I’m looking forward to the next one!
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State Bicycle Co: RISE Bike Chain Necklace

State Bicycle Co is lending a helping hand to fund a cross-country ride dealing with suicide awareness. State will be selling these Bike Chain Necklaces has a fundraising tool, for $1 to raise money, their goal is to sell 10,000 for them to fully fund their trip.

Swoop here and peep the video after the details.

In the spring of 2012, two friends will set off on a cross-country trek to learn more about the dichotomies of life and the phenomenon of suicide. Traveling by bicycle, the two will ride from The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, California to Wappingers Falls, New York. On their journey they will stop in cities and towns across the nation to listen and talk with those who have lost friends and family to suicide, sharing stories with others. They’re hope is that the dialog will bring growth and peace to the survivors left behind.

The cyclists’ goal is to inspire the transformation in one’s life by creative self-expression through devoted self-reflection. Allowing the time needed for self-reflection while working through emotional trauma or any life experience can act as a vehicle for radical change for an individual’s life, especially when that change is created with an artistic level of self-expression. Art can act as a powerful catharsis. The transformative healing power not only has the potential to heal the artist, but when expressed to the outer world it can act as a catalyst for another individual’s healing process.

The cyclists are under no delusion that they will vanquish or stem the acts of suicide. Rather, through their cross-country tour, they hope to understand the cycle of pain with which it comes.

RISE- Ride Across America – Chain Necklace from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.</p