Ride ‘N’ Style: Track Race Re-cap

Saturday was crazy. The center of the Fixed gear world was in the old location of EMB. It felt really good to be standing in the same place for the second year in a row where giants of skateboarding cut their teeth and made names for themselves so long ago. Now giants of street racing and FGFS style are creating a new history at Justin Herman Plaza, the same place where I once got a ticket for skateboarding just for standing on top of the Gonz when I was 15 years old, way back in 1994. What a strange trip it has been. I digress though. The Track race course was set up a little better this year and I really think by the next one, it will be locked down perfectly. 32 racers went head to head all the way down til there was one last man standing… Addison Zwalda. He was attacking the course like a mad man, and was one of the more exciting racers to watch. Walton Brush swooped on 2nd and our boy Hern came through with third! My lady had my camera once again, so these photos are curiosity of her. I was borrowing two different cameras and am still sorting through those photos, so expect more to come.
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Ride ‘N’ Style: Tic Tac Toe Alleycat Friday Night

Friday night was an alleycat hosted by our friend Chris. It was a Tic Tac Toe style race, meaning you had to win a game of Tic Tac Toe on your manifest to finish, however you had no idea which checkpoints were X’s or O’s… Team CBNC stuck together and I choose our first checkpoint which was an X, and lucky for us the middle square was already called out at the start to be an X, so we hustled off to the top of Haight by way of Castro for our final X. We had a couple of wrong turns, but in the end we four teammates came in together fifth through ninth (I got 7th) not bad for out of towners. Austin Horse won overall! Melanie was manning a checkpoint, while I raced, so she had my camera and snapped some shots of Hern (top 10?) coming in to her checkpoint.

Ride ‘N’ Style: Thursday night

We got into SF Thursday afternoon, rode around, got food, then we headed to the qualifying rounds of the Red Bull Mini Drome for Ride ‘N’ Style. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones, with those you only chat with over the internet. The Mini Drome racing was nuts. People who are gnarly on the street or on the track had trouble with it, then those who brought the right style of the bike or correct ratio, killed it. I was really just running around saying hi and catching up with homies, so I kind of stopped paying attention… Oops. It was a super fun evening, but my lady and I were pretty dead from the ride up so we called it an early night so we would be well rested for the weekend.
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