NACCC 2012: Richmond: Day Three

Day three was a day of races on the closed NACCC course, or should I say cyclocross course! We showed up for course and race orientation at 9am at Chimborazo Park with everyone, to discover that we had made the finals for the non-messenger championships later that day! Stoked, but had hours to wait and sit around and watch the other heats go.
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Affinity: 2012 Summer: Lo Pro & Metro Restock

These gonna go fast so you better swoop!

Affinity is proud to officially release our Summer 2012 frame re-stock. Get on the latest batch of Lo Pro and Metro frame sets and complete builds while they last. Matte black, champagne money and chrome plated lo pro’s are looking sick, and our new Metro shouts NYC with liquid sparkle blue and orange decals. The frames are going fast and once they go, they are gone. Get at em, first come first serve.