Jakarta 2012: Day Three/ Four

Days three had all us of in town and riding around, seeing the sites, getting the real lay of the land and the opening party was that night, which Yim and I DJ’d at. Day four was all about the early morning crit (7am), which was on an amazing course live in traffic around Rocket Company’s building. Kelli destroyed her competition and Walton won the Mens crit, even after he went down hard on one of the turns. Chas and Marc swooped in for 2nd and 3rd! The rest of the day was lazy poolside at Eppy’s house and then Ryan and I walked around the hood by our hotel later that day. Enjoy these photos!

This doesn’t really show the thickness of the traffic we had to endure. So much fun though!!!


Hopped into the bus only lane, because traffic was so thick and no room for us to get through… even on bikes.

See… Thick.

Roadside chillin…

Start of day for with the winners of the men’s crit! Walton, Chas and Yung Marc

Fixiefans and fixiewhips.

Ryan in chill mode.

Blogger game stressful.

Jakartan Kitties


Tomorrow event recap!

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