The Lord of Griffith IV

This Sunday is the fourth installment of my baby “The Lord of Griffith“. Come race, watch and kick it in one of the best places to hang out on a Sunday in LA… Griffith Park! I wanna give a huge thanks to those sponsors that have been there year after year supporting this race and a another huge thanks to those sponsors that are new this year, you all rock!!! See all of you Sunday and Tear Legs off!!!

Year Four of The Lord of Griffith.

Get those climbing legs ready.

A three lap Track Bike only climbing race in and around Griffith park.

You will not know the route until race time, DO NOT ASK.

Track Bike/ Fixed Gear only

1st Brakeless/ Lord of Griffith
1st Lady of Griffith/ Brakeless
1st Brakes (Men)
1st Brakes (Women)
1st Under 18

You may race with brakes if you want and I encourage you to do so, if that is how you are most comfortable racing, you will just not get the title. No brake elements or parts on your bike, if you wish to win the title of Lord of Griffith this year. I will be keeping track of all racers (brakes or no brakes) as they come in and you should always race within your own abilities and how you feel most comfortable.

Meet up:
Take the Ferndell entrance into Griffith park off of Los Feliz and head back to the last parking lot. You can’t miss it, same place as the last three years.

Sunday, September 2nd
Registration: 1pm
Race: 2pm

Every rider is responsible for themselves. If you get hit by a car because the guy in front of you run a red light and you followed him, It’s your fault. If you get a ticket, it’s your fault. If you crash out, it’s your fault. Know your limits. Safety first!!

Park in parking lot.

Free to race

Wear a helmet

That Means, Yes it is required, Stupid.

In the Park, somewhere.

Custom One Off “Lord of Griffith” Endo Customs Jersey

Chrome Coveted Jersey

Custom “Lord of Griffith” Bag by

Custom “Lady of Griffth” Bag by

Phil Wood track Hubs

Frame/ Fork for the Lord of Griffith from

Carbon Forks for 1st Lady and 1st under 18 from

Custom one off race T-shirts for Top winners
and for purchase day of race by


Shoe Truck!!!

More info and sponsor highlights:

Tons of Great swag for everyone from our Sponsors: (Continental)

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