Rivercity Crit 2

904 Fixed is hosting the 2nd installment of their Rivercity Crit. It looks like it’s gonna be a blast, but you must pre-register to be able to race. Get on it!

FB Event Page

Pre-register here

Rivercity Crit 2 is a fixed gear specific “twilight” criterium race set out on a 1.2 mile course (we know, we know… typically longer than your standard crit course) with 2 long straights, 2 shorter straights, 3 tight turns and a nice sweeping turn. The race will consist of 30 minutes of full-speed racing, with a 5 lap countdown immediately following. Boasting to be one of the few fixed gear specific criteriums with a cash payout for the grand prize ($150), participation coming from as far as Puerto Rico, we are more than proud of this race.

You WILL NOT be able to race unless you have pre-registered. There will be no day-of registration. A minimum of 10 racers must be registered a week before the event date or the event will be postponed/cancelled (any pre-registered will be refunded).

Spectators, photographers, videographers, out of town participation, and racers are all highly encouraged.

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