Since Mountain Bikes are becoming the new Crossbike with everyone I ride with, I thought I would tell you about a brand I was recently turned on to. A good homie suggested I checkout the Sombrio site for gear, so I looked at it and I really dug what the brand had to say about riding. The other bonus was that they have a pretty extensive ladies collection so I won’t get yelled at when ordering more gear for me, now Mel can join in on the order.

Sombrio has a great story behind the brand and are moving their way into fulfilling all types of riding needs. Which is something I can get behind. Why would you limit yourself to one style of riding? Of course, you should always stay true to where you come from, too. I digress though, back to Sombrio. Dave Watson launched Sombrio in 1998 to have an alternative to the spandex that was all over freeride mountain biking in the late 90’s. He wanted to make stylish gear to shred in and look good in, while on and off the bike, much like the urban riding brands we all have come to rock these days.

He accomplished that goal along with becoming one of the top freeride mountain bike riders in the world (5th!) and Sombrio continues to push rider wear and style on and off the bike to this day. What else would expect from the guy who is famous for jumping the Tour de France peloton (so sick, peep the link). I expect we’ll be seeing a lot coming out of the Sombrio camp this year and I have a little bird that is keeping my ear to close to the happenings over at Sombrio.

Go peep the site and swoop some gear here.

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