Yasutake Enomoto and the Strawberry Skinsuit (Team Ichigo)

This skinsuit pictured is really a tale of a new-found friendship. About a month ago I posted a couple of new jerseys coming out from various brands in our cycling world over the course of a week. Yasutake Enomoto, sent me a twitter shot of himself with one of his Strawberry kits on standing with Austin Horse at a CX race in Japan, asking me my thoughts on it. I told him “It was amazing” I also asked him what other designs he had done, if any were available for sale and how could I get one over here in the States.

His response was “What size are you and what’s your address?” I was blown away that he would send me one, on the strength of just a few twitter messages and FB chats. It just shows what a rad dude Yasutake is. A week later it showed up and he had added a cap and few different cool stickers from the brand Maipenrai.

It’s my first skinsuit and I feel very honored to have received it this way. Yasutake and I have continued to get know each other and I have an ongoing interview with him, about the kits, his designs, the brand and who he is for the blog. It’s pretty good. Until then checkout all of his designs on his flickr, peep the site Maipenrai Bikes and take a look at Team Ichigo’s FB page.

I give out a huge thanks to Yasutake Enomoto and I’ll be very proud to race in this kit very soon, my friend. I hope you enjoy your care package and I’ll hopefully be over in Japan to meet you in person as soon as I can.

Team Ichigo

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One thought on “Yasutake Enomoto and the Strawberry Skinsuit (Team Ichigo)

  1. I absolutely want one too, I’ve emailed maipenrai bikes already but would you be able to let me know or guide me to how one would be able to get a Team Ichigo skinsuit?? Thank you very much!!

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