Fix It Sticks

I have been complaining about the small little keychained sized allen keys I keep in my tool roll for quite some time now. While they fit great and don’t take up any space, they just don’t have any kind of leverage to them. So, when I was sent an email about a new kickstarter for Fix It Sticks and an offer to try a set out, I jumped at the chance.

The set arrived last Friday and I have been using them all weekend. Pretty impressed so far and I’ll have a detailed review soon. Great handy lightweight tool (51 grams), good size for tool rolls or even just jersey pockets. The cross or “T” assembly of the two tools is perfect for when you need that extra torque/ leverage. One complaint so far, I don’t like they are two separate tools when not in use, I would like to see a version where they snapped together like tire levers (for now, each pair will be shipped in a carrying case made from recycled inner tubes). Go peep the kickstarter, watch the short edit Brian Davis (Founder) produced and read up on the idea behind Fix It Sticks.

FB Page

Fix It Sticks Kickstarter

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