Up’s & Downs Alleycat Benefit Race

Our friend Jake Ricker is throwing a benefit Alleycat to help pay for some medical bills his wife as incurred due the result of a dog attack, which her leg was broken. The owner of these dogs have no money to pay these bills and are not accepting any responsiblty, so Jake and his wife need your help. If you’re in Seattle come out race or you can donate right here at Gofundme. Every little bit but helps.

“So it turns out the American healthcare system isn’t too good. Weird, right?!? And the people that own the 3 dogs that attacked my wife have no money. (It’s a LONG story!) We now have to pay over $10,000 to Harbor View Medical center. Since we don’t have much money I’m going to put on this benefit race to help with some of the costs. Nothing too crazy. But it should be a good time. Registration will start at 2pm. $10. And the race will start once everyone is ready. Thanks in advance for the support. Hope to see you all there! And please spread the word.” – Jake

“On September 8th, 2012 I was hiking with my husband and five friends when I was attacked by three large off leash dogs. As a result I had serious spiral fractures to my tibia and fibula that required a hospital stay of seven days and aggressive surgery where they installed a rod in my tibia, a plate on my fibula, and nine screws to put things back together. As you can imagine this is a life changing injury for me and I am now in physical therapy, but the doctors tell me my leg may never be the same.

Even with health insurance, my hospital bills and medical expenses have become overwhelming. Any funds raised will go towards paying off my medical bills so I can put this horrible event behind me.Thank you so much for your support!” – Jen Ricker

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