WS2013: Race #1 Results

What a great opening race for the Winter Series 2013! 50 racers came out and about another 50 or showed up to cheer these guys and gals on! It was a simple there and back. Five miles out to USC, pick up a card then 5 miles back to me. Short and sweet for the first TOLA event of the year. Fabian killed it and won $250 dollars for the effort! Cold hard Fixie Money! This Friday is the crit, location map is posted on the FB event page, along with race details. I will have a follow up post on this week crit race up later today, as well.

Top ten finishers from Friday and point totals in the series are as follows:

1st: Fabian Vasquez WPH
2nd: Steven Bonilla GSS
3rd: Jon Budinoff WPH
4th: Alvin Escajeda CBNC
5th: Tony Z
6th: Luis Avina DTLA/ E11
7th: Arnold (?)
8th: Greg Garth CBNC
9th: Micheal Morales
10th: Felipe Castillo GSS

Series Point holders and totals:
1st: Fabian Vasquez WPH: 10 points
2nd: Steven Bonilla GSS: 9 points
3rd: Jon Budinoff WPH: 8 points
4th: Alvin Escajeda CBNC: 7 points
5th: Tony Z: 6 points
6th: Luis Avina DTLA/ E11: 5 points
7th: Arnold (?): 4 points
8th: Greg Garth CBNC: 3 points
9th: Micheal Morales: 2 points
10th: Felipe Castillo GSS: 1 Point

*swooped the photo from @wolfpackhustle on instagram.

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