WPH: The Unified Title Race Series 2013

Here we go… I’m digging the effort Don and Company are putting out this year. This is gonna be a big series of races and I hope you guys are ready!

From a field of thousands… One Man and One Woman will be declared the 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series Champions.

The Unified Title is a series of 3 unique and extremely challenging bicycle races in the City of Los Angeles.
During the first two races, Men and Women will compete separately for points in 2 categories: Fixed Gear or Free-Wheel (Geared).

Top 16 winners in each race accumulate points and free entry into the following race event.

For the third and final race, Fixed and Free-Wheel categories will unify into one SINGLE SPEED category (Fixed or Free-Wheel) Competitors will qualify for a Men’s and Women’s top 16 bracketed elimination sprint finale. Points will be tallied across all 3 races to determine series winners. In the event of a tie for any slot fastest qualifying time breaks the tie or failing that, a tie-breaker sprint will be held.

Stay tuned for more details…

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