WS2013: Race #: Crit Results

Race #2 is in the bag. It was a cold wet night on Friday, so I want to give major props to those of you that came out to race and big ups to everyone else who came out to stand around in the cold, supporting these guys, thanks! John Budinoff took the road group with ease and won $45 dollars for the effort. Rob V. won the track group with a great uphill sprint at end to get that win. He won $110 dollars of pure fixie money. Sprints will be the style of race this Friday, track bikes only, head to head to until there is a winner.

Results and points won:

1st: Jon Budinoff WPH: 10 points
2nd: Fabian Vasquez WPH: 9 points
3rd: Alvin Escajeda CBNC: 8 points
4th: Felipe Castillo GSS: 7 points
5th: Bryon G: 6 points
6th: Frances G: 5 points

1st: Rob V: 10 points
2nd: Luis Escajeda: 9 points
3rd: Carlos: 8 points
4th: Micheal Morales: 7 points
5th: Alex B: 6 points
6th: Luis Avina DTLA/ E11: 5 points
7th: Tony Z: 4 points
8th: Alvin Escajeda CBNC 3 points
9th: Omar D: 2 points
10th: Brian: 1 point

Series Point holders and totals:

Place/ Total points:
1st: Fabian Vasquez WPH: 19 points
2nd: Alvin Escajeda CBNC: 18 points
Jon Budinoff WPH: 18 points
3rd: Rob V: 10 points
Luis Avina E11/ DTLA: 10 points
Tony Z: 10 points
4th: Steven Bonilla GSS: 9 points
Luis Escajeda: 9 points
Micheal Morales: 9 points
5th: Felipe Castillo GSS: 8 Points
Carlos: 8 points
6th: Bryon G: 6 points
Alex B: 6 points
7th: Frances G: 5 points
8th: Arnold (?): 4 points
9th: Greg Garth CBNC: 3 points
10th: Omar D: 2 points
11th: Brian: 1 point

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