WS2013: Sprints

Sprints are tonight! Track bikes only, unknown distance and it’s head to head brackets until there is a winner. $5 dollars to race, winner take all! There are quite a few ties going on in the standings, so it’s really anyones game. I will also have TakeoverLA shirts for sale, so bring $10 and your legs!

Feb. 15th: Sprints
Meet at Stadium Way and Academy Rd in Elysian Park
Reg: 8pm
Race: 9pm
$5 dollars to race, winner take all
Track bikes only

Series Point holders and totals:

Place/ Total points:
1st: Fabian Vasquez WPH: 19 points
2nd: Alvin Escajeda CBNC: 18 points
Jon Budinoff WPH: 18 points
3rd: Rob V: 10 points
Luis Avina E11/ DTLA: 10 points
Tony Z: 10 points
4th: Steven Bonilla GSS: 9 points
Luis Escajeda: 9 points
Micheal Morales: 9 points
5th: Felipe Castillo GSS: 8 Points
Carlos: 8 points
6th: Bryon G: 6 points
Alex B: 6 points
7th: Frances G: 5 points
8th: Arnold (?): 4 points
9th: Greg Garth CBNC: 3 points
10th: Omar D: 2 points
11th: Brian: 1 point

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