WS2013: Sprint Results

Last Friday night the sprints went down and again a great turnout from racers and spectators. Head to head sprints, to whittle it down to the final two sprinters. In the end it came down to uphill sprint between Fabian and Willo. Willo crushed to win and won $140 dollars for his effort!

Top ten:
1st: Willo 10 points
2nd: Fabian Vasquez WPH 9 points
3rd: Steven Bonilla GSS 8 points
4th: Robert P. CBNC 7 points
5th: Angel 6 points
6th: Jerry Lopez CBNC 5 points
7th: Rob V 4 points
8th: Tony Z 3 points
9th: Coolassmike: 2 points
10: Luis Avina E11/ DTLA 1 point
Alvin Alvin Escajeda CBNC 1 point

*photo by Michael LEE

Place/ Total points:
1st: Fabian Vasquez WPH: 27 points
2nd: Alvin Escajeda CBNC: 19 points
3rd: Jon Budinoff WPH: 18 points
4th: Steven Bonilla GSS: 17 points
5th: Rob V: 14 points
6th: Tony Z: 13 points
7th: Luis Avina E11/ DTLA: 11 points
8th: Willo 10 points
9th Luis Escajeda: 9 points
Micheal Morales: 9 points
10th: Felipe Castillo GSS: 8 Points
Carlos: 8 points
11th:Robert P. CBNC 7 points
12th: Bryon G: 6 points
Alex B: 6 points
Angel 6 points
13th: Frances G: 5 points
Jerry Lopez CBNC 5 points
14th: Arnold (?): 4 points
15th: Greg Garth CBNC: 3 points
16th: Omar D: 2 points
17th: Brian: 1 point
Coolassmike: 2 points

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