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Thanks Kyle for making my bike look so good! Peep the post on Tracko here and see the full set here!

Sean Martin from TOLA rolled through yesterday with his new Heavy Pedal Zephyr for me to photograph. I didn’t really get to ride it (just from the shop to the wall across the street)… but I was impressed with the overall weight of the bike when handling it. I was expecting the bike to be a bit heavy and it wasn’t. These guys seem to have nailed it, especially for the price point. Like I said before, super stoked on the guys at Heavy Pedal for having the balls to produce a Track Frame & Fork. Hope to take one of these bad boys for a spin someday, but until then I’ll just have to look at these pictures. I can’t say till I actually ride one, but if I was in the market for a new aluminum Track Bike, I think this would be it!


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