Rider Profile | Roz Patterson

Time for the ladies to get some shine. Roz is definitely one lady who deserves that shine. I’ve had the pleasure of racing with and against her on more than a few occasions and I’ve always been impressed by her skills on the many bikes she races. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Roz and Sean this weekend in NYC and cheering them both on as they race the Red Hook Crit!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, where you from and what you do.

I’m actually from the Philadelphia area, not Boston. I went to Boston for school. It was there, that I started biking in Boston 5 years ago as way to get around. From there, it just blew up into the craziness that is apart of every aspect of my life from when I wake up till I go to bed. I worked as a bike messenger for 2 years, some time in Boston and then when I moved to NYC. Now I work at Sommerville Sports, where I oversee all the artwork and creation of custom cycling kits. It’s really great because I get to see people actually riding in the kits I created when I go out for rides. It was when I moved to NYC and had access to more bike races and started racing at the Kissena Velodrome and have now, with my boyfriend Sean Campbell, started our own track team, Team Vulpes.

How many years riding, what got you started and what’s your daily driver (most ridden whip)?

5 years, been racing alley cats for 4 years, and actual bike racing for 1 year. My current daily bike is my Quiros Single Speed Cross Bike.

Bike Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?

Team Vulpes, Affinity Cycles, Crosshairs, Sommerville Sports

What your current stable look like?

Affinity Kissena, Landshark Track, Zunow road, Cinelli Expert, Colnago Dream CX, Quiros SSCX

Dream Bike?

Oh god, there are too many. I’ll honestly will ride any bike that is thrown at me. I really dig Stanridge, always a soft spot for Rossins as well as for Looks.

What do you do when you are off the bike (projects/ hobbies)?

I love my job at Sommerville Sports. I oversee all the artwork creation for custom cycling kits and accessories. My boyfriend Sean Campbell and I started our own track team, Team Vulpes. Hanging out with our dog, Stella.

Why NYC?

Because there is so much local bike racing. There is a lot of really talented riders here that you can learn a lot from.

Best/ worst thing about riding in NYC?

Best: Easy access to Kissena Velodrome. Central Park and Prospect Park are always easy and quick to get to for lap riding for some quick miles. Easy access to races.

Worst: It’s NYC, so half the population is tourists that have no idea how to walk across the street. You have to bike 15 miles at least to get out of the city for a real ride.

Any NYC secrets/ tips you want to give out?

Always bring extra locks for your bikes, cash is king, nothing good ever happens after 2am or it just gets better.

Favorite Bike shop in NYC?

King Kog, Sid’s Bikes

Fav. place(s) to ride in NYC/ World?

Trexler Town Velodrome, Kissena Velodrome, Vancouver, Seattle.

Alleycats? Take em or leave em?

I use to do a lot of alley cat racing, but now my focus is more on my track racing. So I’ll do a few alley cats here and there but you’ll find me on the velodrome. Just different race goals this year.

Fav. Race you have taken part in?

Red Hook Crit, Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships 2014, CMWC 2012 Chicago

Fav. race to watch?

Anything on the velodrome or a good strong crit!

What’s your take on the large corporate sponsored fixed gear events (Red Hook worldwide, Wolfpack hustle events in LA, any Red bull event for examples), good for the scene or bad?

I think that it is a great that some events that start off so small can grow so huge, and it probably wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for all of the big corporate sponsors that get involved. Events like NACCC, CMWC, Red Hook Crit and many others wouldn’t be what they are today with out the sponsors that are involved. I think it mostly comes down to the organizer of the event and for them to keep the true essence of the event alive no matter how big it becomes.

That being said, any sweet ride/ race plans or events you are looking forward to doing/ competing in, in 2014?

Red Hook Crit BK & one of the ones in Europe, going to be racing a lot at Kissena Velodrome and Trexlertown Velodrome, Fijate. I’m going to China for work and I’m hoping to get some sweet riding out there as well.

Shout outs?
Hi Mom!

Last word?
There is always someone faster than you, which always keeps the races fun. Stay open-minded, and always remember to have your recovery days!

***Photo Credit***

Velodrome photo by Jesse Lash

Profile shots by ToneB

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