We Made It…

And I’m back in LA. What a great fucking trip. New York and RHC were fun as hell, even with the shitty weather. Then the #nyc2bostonfixed tour with Matt Hamm, was amazing. I’ll have a full ride report coming soon, along with a few product reviews of gear I brought with me and tons of photo’s to be developed. I shot film (I lost a roll, bummer) and mostly iPhone snaps, but I’m happy with the coverage I got. This trip was really for me, but there will be some jems to post. Big thanks to Matt, Opie, Chris, Crihs, Roz, Sean, Minami, Leo, Mobbin Mondays and the cities of NYC, Boston and all the little towns we cruised through along the way. Best ten days I have had in a awhile.

#NYC2BOSFixed | Starts Today

Matt Hamm and I hit the road for Boston today and in 220+ miles, we’ll be seeing this sign!!! So it’ll be a little quite here on blog, as Kyle “Ride more, blog less”, but you can follow our tour through our instagrams and these clever hashtags…





While most of the fixed geared world is heading to New York this week for Red Hook Crit this Saturday, I’m heading there for a different reason (I’ll be at the crit, don’t worry). Matt Hamm and I are meeting in NYC and after the dust of RHC settles, we’ll be riding our track bikes to Boston for the fun of it. 220+ miles over the course of three days, then spend a couple days cruising Boston before heading home. You can keep up on our ride through our instagrams @Brawlcycleworks and @takeoverla, TOLA‘s and CBNCCycling‘s FB pages and as well as a couple of hashtags… #NYC2BOSFixed, #creditcardfixetour, #backpackfixietour, #fixietoursnotcrits and my favorite… #meanwhileonthe95. We leave Wednesday next week, I’m pretty stoked!!!