While most of the fixed geared world is heading to New York this week for Red Hook Crit this Saturday, I’m heading there for a different reason (I’ll be at the crit, don’t worry). Matt Hamm and I are meeting in NYC and after the dust of RHC settles, we’ll be riding our track bikes to Boston for the fun of it. 220+ miles over the course of three days, then spend a couple days cruising Boston before heading home. You can keep up on our ride through our instagrams @Brawlcycleworks and @takeoverla, TOLA‘s and CBNCCycling‘s FB pages and as well as a couple of hashtags… #NYC2BOSFixed, #creditcardfixetour, #backpackfixietour, #fixietoursnotcrits and my favorite… #meanwhileonthe95. We leave Wednesday next week, I’m pretty stoked!!!