North To Alaska

Today, I’m leaving for two weeks. First stop is my hometown Anchorage, Ak. I haven’t been home in the summer in a very long time, pretty stoked to be bring my CX bike and really get some great riding in over the next week in my city and around the state. Then I’ll be heading to Vancouver, B.C. to meet up with Joe and ride back to Portland, OR with Joe and Greg for the Westside Invite, before heading back to LA. Taking an internet break of sorts during this trip, so the best way to keep with the trip is gonna be via my IG


Have a great next couple of weeks!!!

Legs Are Shredded

But what such a good day of riding. Greg, Ben, Chris and I rode from LA to the base of Highway 39, met up with Luis and Tyler, stormed the castle up to Closed Highway 2. Tyler and Luis turned around at that point, and the four musketeers continued on through the gates and over to open Highway, up to Clouburst and then back down to real world. Amazing 100 mile day in mountains, thanks fellas.