Feedback Sports | Maintenance App

Everything that Feedback Sports puts out is incredible, well designed and very useful and this app fits that bill. I’m downloading it right now and will get back to you guys after a few months of using it. I’m the worst at doing maintenance on any of my bikes, so anything that will help me keep track and assist in maintain that Maintenance is a godsend. Head on over to your phones app store and DL this thing for yourself!!!
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Chrome | Spring Riding Kit

Our pals over at Chrome sent over their spring riding kit recommendations out of their gear and I whole heartily agree with their choices. I own almost all of these pieces (except the shorts) and rock all of them on the regular during the fine spring/ summer weather we are having and what hopefully the rest of the country is or will be having soon.
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Julians’ Reminton

One of the dudes, I had the pleasure of meeting last week in Boston was Julian. Not only does he have a more than a few amazing whips and bicycle collectables, but he is also a rad designer. He currently working on a few items and as soon as he gives me the heads up, be prepared to be amazed. Some of the stuff I saw, being prepped was fucking killer. I can’t wait.

Riders & Makers | Spring Goodies

I have become a huge fan of Riders & Makers, since wearing their 3-Season Epodic NeoShell Weatherproof Trousers during the down pour of rain and cold, we suffered in NYC during Red Hook Weekend (full review on those coming soon). So, when I saw they had some new offerings out, I just had to share. Go peep the 4-Season Fluid Wool Jacket V.002 and the Variant Weatherproof Jacket, trust me, after rocking the Neoshell trousers for a few days straight, anything that Riders & Makers puts out is worth the investment. Great stuff from a great brand, now I need to swoop up one of these jackets! Plus these are made in the USA (Chicago)… You can’t beat that!

Ride More Blog Less

Yes, I have some posts to catch up on and stories to tell, but I’m heading out of town again this week. I’m going camping for my Brother-In-Laws 40th birthday and will be riding 90+ miles out to a camp ground this afternoon/ evening from work, with about 110 mile return trip Sunday. Next week everything will be back to normal here on TOLA and tons of fresh content for that ass. Until Monday, get out there and shred!!!