Rainy Day Bag

So, it’s storm watch 2014 in LA today. Which means it was a perfect rainy, wet day to try out the water proof-ness of Chrome Excursion Rolltop 37. Color me impressed, the inside of the bag was bone dry after getting poured on during the prommute to work and once inside, the outside of the bag dried instantly. It was also cool to watch water just running off of it at stops (yes is raining that hard in LA, go outside, instant shower). OH, and those straps I bitched about? No issues under load, they work great, good stuff Chrome! I can’t wait to ride home in the rain we are having! Stay tuned for more on this bag.

Chrome Industries | Knurled Welded

I saw Chrome’s Knurled Welded line at Interbike last year and was quite impressed by the details put into each of these bags or was it the display of the little fountain guy peeing out water to show how waterproof these bag are, that made them stick in my head?. I’m also digging that Chrome is stepping into the on bike rack bag game, nice work. In any case this line will be a hot item and don’t sleep. Peep the details on each bag after the jump.

Chrome created Knurled Welded™ Waterproof Rolltops for bike camping, adventure biking, and all weather commuting – when weight matters and getting wet is not an option. Knurled Welded™ Rolltops are made with our proprietary welding technology that combines RF welding with a mechanical interlock to create the toughest, lightest 100% waterproof bags. Each bag has a watertight rolltop closure for submersible water protection, a Hypalon® Molle loop system for expandability, and five-bar webbing haul straps for hand carrying. Go Farther. Stay Dryer. Guaranteed for Life.
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Chrome Industries | Reflective Camo 2.0

Chrome Industries is releasing Reflective Camo 2.0 series today for a few of their top bags. The Barrage, Citizen and Victor in super awesome Swedish M90 geometric camo & reflective rain camo.

Chrome’s second issue of Reflective Camo is an updated version of how Chrome does camo. For this edition, Chrome found a Swedish M90 geometric camo, and overlaid a rain camo print with a special glass bead finish, which reflects light from up to 100 feet. During the day, these bags appear as Swedish geometric “M90” camo and at night the appearance in light is a reflective rain camo. Developed in limited quantities, the Barrage, Citizen and Victor are available in our versatile Chrome Reflective Camo 2nd Issue.
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