Forazter | Medium Everything Sewer Pack & Holiday MMXIII ‘The Composition Collection’

My good friends over at Forazter have a new line out for winter, while it’s fully stocked with awesome goodies (sweats, decks, wheels, tees, socks, nylon jackets), the Medium Everything Sewer Pack is really killing it. A great colab from Forazter and Road Runner Bags. One of those bags, that will be good for anything and everything you do with it. Don’t sleep on the Sewer Pack or the entire new line from Forazter.
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ILE | Studio Visit

While I was up north for the Westside Invite this past weekend, I took time out between events to head over to Berkley and get a tour of ILE’s production studio. I love going behind the scene’s and hearing the stories behind brands and seeing how they produce the products that are made and it was a real treat to visit Eric and get to know ILE a little better.
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Boombotix | Boombot Rex | First Impressions

First impression of the Boombotix Boombot Rex is that it is loud as hell. I like that. When I commute, I don’t wear headphones, I use my iPhone speakers to blast music to and from work, but it’s never loud enough over the sound of LA traffic, with the first couple of rides with the Rex, that wasn’t an issue anymore. Being able to pair my phone with speaker through Bluetooth is a nice touch, no more wires. The shape of the Rex is refreshing as well, I never really like the OG Boombotix shape, I felt like a small child carting around a stuffed animal that made noises, the few times I used one. If Boombotix could make these speakers a little smaller, then I would be completely sold on their products. I’m headed to Florida today and it’s supposed to be a downpour at times during the trip, so I’l for sure find out how waterproof the Rex really is. Stay tuned…