Roulant Clothing | The Wolves Kit

Roulant The Wolves Kit from Roulant Clothing on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure of meeting the minds behind Roulant Clothing and have great chats about having fun while riding, racing and in life. I’m stoked to see that they are doing a re-issue of their Wolves Kit and that Roulant really sticks to what is important in this community, having as much fun as you can!!!

Red Hook Crit 2013 | A Film By Christian Thormann

Red Hook Crit 2013 a film by Christian Thormann from crihs on Vimeo.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET TO NEW YORK. Good shit my friend, good shit!

Red Hook Crit has been held since 2008 in Red Hook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is over looked by the financial district of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Moving to New York and discovering alleycats through a mutual friend, David Trimble started to be more curious with fixed geared bikes or track bikes. For his birthday in 2008, he decided to host a race. With his interest in formula one racing and bikes, he decided to throw a criterium. Not just any crit. this crit would involve, no gears, no shifters and most importantly, no brakes. Sounds insane, huh? Well not to those who took part in the first ever Red Hook Crit. The 18 lap race, around 3 city blocks would change the way fixed gears are ridden in a unsanctioned, non-alleycat format to date. Now the Event travels the world, bringing competitors from all over the globe and all sorts of backgrounds.

This was the 6 time track bikes would invade the quiet neighborhood, with little public transportation coming in or out. Cab or bikes is your best method. With over 1,000 in attendance, Red Hook Crit has put Red Hook on the map for cyclist around the world.

State Bicycle Co. | Alive featuring Andre Kivijarvi

Alive featuring Andre Kivijarvi from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Great vibes in here. More of this please!!!

A few years back we sponsored Andre. He was a friend of a friend, and we knew he had a passion for bikes. Little did we know Andre is a truly unique individual. This video captures the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest and follows Andre on his typical commute through the city on his State Bicycle Co. Undefeated.