Ninety Miles To…

Ohai! This was my view Friday evening. Greg and I set out at around 530pm, to ride 9 miles or so to a camp ground up the 33 for Ben’s bday camping party. The ride up was awesome, I really wanna get back over to Highway 33 and do some exploring and more camping!!! Then Sunday Greg and rode the 100 miles or so back to LA in record time, 5.5 hours of saddle time, with a 40 min pit stop at Neptune’s Net for lunch. Great weekend!!!

Ride More Blog Less

Yes, I have some posts to catch up on and stories to tell, but I’m heading out of town again this week. I’m going camping for my Brother-In-Laws 40th birthday and will be riding 90+ miles out to a camp ground this afternoon/ evening from work, with about 110 mile return trip Sunday. Next week everything will be back to normal here on TOLA and tons of fresh content for that ass. Until Monday, get out there and shred!!!

Heavy Pedal | Zephry Track

The first question I have been about #NYC2BOSFixed tour, is “how did the Zephry Track hold up?” To which I respond, “magically”. The tight geo and the frame it’s self, really held up to the abuses of the long road and was quite comfy, even with my ass hatchet of a saddle (Kashimax Aero). No pains and no changes are needed to my set up or the build it’s self. Now that I’ve put it through its paces on a few long rides, I really can’t wait to open this beauty up while racing in Puerto Rico for Fijate 2014 in less than two weeks.

Product Review | Wit Industries Fendor-Bendor 3

While I was in NYC, it was pouring rain. I mean miserable for everyone. The only fender I had on me was an Asssaver, which is great for our Socal sprinkles that we endure from time to time. In the steady downpour of New York, it failed, horribly. I was soaked from ass to face and not happy. There has to be a better way.
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