A complete list of events I have thrown or covered or had a ton of fun being a part of. Enjoy!

SB to SM: Re-Cap

Holy shit that was fun. 90 something miles in four hours and 12 minutes (for me). I’m not sure of the winning time but it was faster then that for sure and it was Jon Budinoff who took it in the end, with Woody grabbing 2nd, Robby (E11) getting 3rd and Bud (LDG) 1st fixed, but 5th. Great group to race with (35+ Racers), very strong riders, everyone being able to handle their shit was a bonus. Around mile 40, I learned a hard lesson…

Maintainance on your bike is a must. My front derailleur failed and I got stuck in the little ring and just spun out trying to keep with the front group. Shitty. However due to riding through Oxnard with Ace in the past, I had a route that would swoop me to PCH (Quickly) and I made up some time doing that, rather than hugging the coast like the group did. Managed to pick people of the back and swoop in 20th overall! Big thanks to Hern for throwing this, I hope everyone contributes to his trip fund and that it helps get him to Jakarta!

*Still waiting on photos, so these are my two shots. One of the Race t-shirt and one of what I carried!

Where the hell is Waldo 3? Race Re-cap

Justin threw his third installment of Waldo series this past Sunday. He had a shit ton of racers and what looked to be a great race. Checkpoints in and around DTLA with a finish at Elysain Park.

Good ole fashioned shoe start!!! My chest cold came back strong, so I bowed out of this one, but Ace and Zoe ran for CBNC and came up nicely (CBNC Coveted Jersey sweep). I’m waiting on more pics from the event and will update as I get them, but good work to everyone! Great weekend of LA street racing, stokes me out for summer!

2nd NY (GSS)
4th Willo (Wolf pack Dtags holder)
5th and 1st fix BRAKELESS Alonso Tal (CBNC and Leader) Won the Coveted Jersey!
6th and 2nd fix BRAKELESS Hern Montenegro (WOLFPACK)
7th Sammy
8th and 1st Road Jason (young bloodz)
9th Donnie
10th Animal (DTLA Messengers)

ROTN II: Race Re-cap

We hosted a BBQ/ Party/ Alleycat this past Saturday. It was a blast. 42 racers came out to hustle Juan’s alleycat. Five checkpoints in around Echo park/ Hi-Fi/ Silverlake, super fast and killer routing made the day.

Our newest team member Steve Tortorelli killed it and walked away with the first 2012 Chrome Coveted Jersey! He acualty came in 2nd behind PNut, but Steve got the bonus points and moved into 1st place. Good shit!!! I also did well, swooping 6th place, not bad for a guy with a chest cold…

2nd Place Pnut

3rd place Hern!

We had well over a hundred people show up for the event, thanks for your support and be on the look out for more CBNC events coming soon!!!

Bicycle Kitchen: Grand Opening Recap

The BK had their grand re-opening this past Friday. It was a blast and I’m so happy that they now have a prement home. The new spot is huge and has tons of space and a giant front gated parking lot. I hope this means tons of events and community outreach going on, but for now enjoy these photos of the new location and go check it out for yourself!

NACCC 2012: Richmond: Day IV

Day four saw us traveling back to LA, I didn’t read the schedule close enough and thought all championships were done Saturday. Major fail on my part, but we then thought we would be home late afternoon Sunday and have time to kick it. All I have to say is Fuck United Airlines. Two delayed flights and $100 charge for each for our bikes, got us into LA hours after we were supposed to be. Ugh. While that was going on for us, Chas won the NACCC on a an open course and with Eight manifests to complete, sick!!! Congrats my friend! I look forward to this next year in Seattle!!! Big thanks to everyone who hosted us in the fine city of Richmond, huge round of applause on a job well done!

Photo By Zach Gibson

NACCC 2012: Richmond: Day Three

Day three was a day of races on the closed NACCC course, or should I say cyclocross course! We showed up for course and race orientation at 9am at Chimborazo Park with everyone, to discover that we had made the finals for the non-messenger championships later that day! Stoked, but had hours to wait and sit around and watch the other heats go.

Stu getting the heats ready…

The course consisted of 8 checkpoints with a sprint section, a grass hill to dirt and cobbles. Fun stuff on a track bike with a stupid ratio for that style of racing (48/15). It was still a blast though, don’t get me wrong. Mel and watched the heats go by all day waiting for our turn to race the non-messenger championships. That was our mistake. We should have shadowed one the heats or ran the course prior to our race. Addison Z. did just that. He got two chances to race heats to qualify for the Non-mess Championships and that meant that he knew the course pretty well. He won the Non-mess championship with ease, due to the fact he knew the course by heart at that point and knew exactly where and what order the drops went (I should stuck to his wheel better…) in. After that our racing for the weekend was done.

Learn your shit.

The Messengers after their qualifying heats for the next days finals (which were to be held on an open course in the streets, lucky!), had a “rush hour” championships to finish the day. Two manifests, as fast and as professional as you could do them. Chas was the big winner of that race. We left to get BBQ and chill out, which actually turned into kicking all night at the hotel. No complaints…

NACCC 2012: Richmond: Day Two

Friday, day two started with a group ride hosted by Stu. It was about 12 miles long and went everywhere, off road (fixie cross), on the highways, in, over and around downtown and through a cemetery!

The ride ended with a great lunch from a pasta wagon on the streets of DTRVA!

Then it was time for that nights Alleycat. Which was first chance quailifying for the main event Saturday. Which meant for us non-messengers or Messengers, if you did well in this Alleycat (non-messenger category), you would make auto-maticly into the Championship round the next day. Mel went to school in Richmond and knew the city so we stuck together (for the most part) and she got me all of checkpoints pretty easily. Again a Local took it and Hualass from DTLA came in sixth. We came into the end 21st and 22nd out of maybe 50+ racers and we were 3rd and 4th in our non-messenger quaifying spots. Which meant we didn’t have to race the “2nd chance” rounds in the morning!

JIM C!!!

Party pile…

NACCC 2012: Richmond: Day One

I’m gonna group these posts into days, seems a bit easier that way. We got to town mid afternoon Thursday and ran some errands with Mel’s dad (thanks again for the ride to Richmond!), then said our goodbyes and hopped on the whips.

First thing we came across were these awesome covered bike racks and free air pumps on VCU’s campus and they were covered! Which was great cause it was raining when we were first rolling around…

Then it was time to swoop our NACCC packet and race the first Alleycat of the weekend!

Damien was real exicited for it.

You had to go to six different checkpoints (one at a time) in Downtown Richmond and collect a section of a photogragph. From there you raced back to the start, glued that piece to a board (which had your racer # on it), then run downstairs and see where the next checkpoint was. Austin Horse hosted and it was a super fun race. A local won and Mel and I came in pretty well in the standings, we worked together which was so much fun. My baby can really race. Watch out ladies…

Lucas B. was there to capture it all…

LA Fixed Gear Circuit Race: Re-Cap

I raced the first ever sanctioned fixed gear crit this past Sunday at the LA Circuit Race with my CBNC teammates Greg, Dusty and Zoe. I feel blessed to have been invited to take part in such a race and while there were a few bugs, I look forward to more of these and I hope it becomes a normal type of event at sanctioned races.

Greg and Kelli warming up.

Our fellow teammate Kelli came out and dominated her Road crit as well, she is one to watch out for…

The race was supposed to be two laps on a mile course with two slight uphills, then it got knocked down to a one lap, four mile, hammer fest due to time restrictions (bummertown). There was a slight issues with the brakes, all track bikes or single speeds had to have two brakes, not too many people did… James Z handled it and we were off to the races.

There was a crash in the pack which took Zoe out (those involved are good to go) and kind of shook everyone up, but in the end Tony Z won on a sprint to take the win.

There was a raffle afterwards and Greg and I both came away with STTB t-shirts, which saved us from begging Kyle for one. Hahaha. There was room for improvement with this type of race and I look forward to the next one. We as the fixed gear racers felt a little out-of-place and the looks and questions from the crowd were great. I must have heard the word Fixie or fixed gear about a thousand types yesterday and I think two of the best quotes on the race rules from the officials were “you can’t race with bags on and take of your lights”. Props to James Z for organizing this and thanks to the Bahati Foundation for putting it on.

675 Alleycat: Re-cap

Super fun and fast Alleycat Friday. It consisted of all seven bridges downtown and a killer route to hit each one. Seven Checkpoints at the end of each bridge, where you just had to grab a playing card and keep hustling to the next one. That really was the point of the race, get each checkpoint. Unfortunately, the front pack blew by the first one and then blew by most of the rest of the checkpoints. Just as I caught up to the front pack, I saw they missed the first one, so I just chilled and then hooked up with Jimmy (3rd place) and Jose (4th) to work together and get all the checkpoints. I figured we were good to go on the win…

Hern saw the same thing going down and swooped the win! Nice work!!!

Then Robert (CBNC) got 2nd! Great showing by Team CBNC with 2nd (Robert) myself (5th) and Ace getting DFL! FTW!

WPH Crash Race 2012: Results

Finally. The wait is over. I am very proud of my CBNC teammate Kelli for crushing hundreds and hundreds of dudes to claim 2nd Women’s Fixed overall. Good shit!!! Congrats to all of the winners and everyone who raced, plus a huge round of applause to Don, Hern and all of the volunteers who made this possible. Big ups to LA for the Marathon and closing down the streets, for without the city this wouldn’t have happen at all. Hopefully we can all focus on the rest of the year now. LOL.

Women’s Fixed Gear:
1st Kapri Gonzales (Arizona)
2nd Kelli Samuelson (LA) (CBNC)
3rd Becca Cohen

Women’s Geared
1st Jo Celso (1st Womens Overall) (San Diego)
2nd Sam Bell
3rd Lindsay Nelson
4th Jen Whalen

Men’s Fixed Gear
1st Edgar “Willo” Juarez (Long Beach)
2nd Scott Piercefield
3rd James Zaldua
4th Henry Grijalva
5th PNUT

Men’s Geared
1st Robbie Miranda (1st overall) (Chula Vista) (RAD)
2nd Evan Stade
3rd Tim Mcgee
4th Fabian Vazquez
5th Dave Lettieri

Dead Fuckin’ Last
Tina Pham

Wolfpack Hustle

Pot ‘o’ Gold Scramble: Results

Friday night, Iggy held a super fast fun race. Five Checkpoints in DTLA, then ending at Lil Joy. 20-25 racers came out to show support for DTLA and the upcoming Westside Invite.

I supposed to take it easy and show the out of towners where to go, but I got caught up in race time and took off on them. Kell followed my lead and with a broken leg in boot with a clip he got 8th and first out of town. Dat shit cray.

Martha captured first overall.

Ash got second.

Andrew with third.
Good shit, looking forward to the next one.

Feel My Legs #7… Results

John B wins FML!!! No prizes, no entry fee, just Street Cred. It’s a gnarly race, FML takes riders up 10 of the steepest streets in Los Angeles and at least 2 of the steepest in North America.

That’s how you climb the steepest street in North America… in the rain. Beastly.

Peep photos more over at Wolfpack.

Then check out full details and info at True Love Health, Solid work on the 7th running of this race, Matt!!!

Concrete Jungle: 2/28/2012

What a fun night of racing! Last night was Concrete Jungle, a super fun super fast alleycat. It was the first of many benefit races (once a month) leading up the Westside Invite (being held in November). It consisted of five pick ups (in order) of different sized fedex boxes, then go get your “stand by” stamp, then head off to five drop off locations, which you could do in any order. This is where I fucked up. I didn’t notice that address were written on the boxes and thought you just went back to the pick up locations. What a DUMBASS! That cost me more than a few places (11 overall) in the race. Luckily, my CBNC team member Robert passed me going the opposite direction and yelled out where the locations were. Even with that mistake, the race was a blast and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Overall winner was Chuck (DTLA), 2nd Haul-ass (DTLA), and Hern (MASH) bringing in 3rd!

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