Product Review | 904 Fixed Lanyard

A few weeks ago, Kirk put these 904 Fixed Lanyards up for sale. I swooped up one, not because I needed one, mostly to support what Kirk is doing in Florida and to help out a brother in need. One of his boys, Steve Ob. is currently in jail for Graffiti (weaksauce) and proceeds from the sale of the lanyard were going to benefit Steve directly, with what ever he needs. As for the review, it’s an adjustable sliding wrist lanyard! It works great, keeps my ulock key nice and handy. It hasn’t fallen apart and is maintaining beautifully. What more can you ask out of a handmade in America product?

904 Fixed

904 Fixed: Adjustable Wrist Lanyard

904 Fixed has a new Lanyard out benefiting their team rider Steven who is having a rough time…


Perfect for bike messengers, alleycat racers, commuters, or anyone who needs quick access to their keys.

Made from 550lb strength paracord, this adjustable sliding knot wrist lanyard for keys is as durable as they come. Use it for your bike lock keys, house keys, or anything you can think of.

Black paracord with thin red line tracing (904 Fixed colorway).

Handmade in America.

This item is to raise money for our friend and team rider Steven who is going through a very rough time due to being arrested and charged for street art. Please help us as we try to raise money to relieve the financial stress put on our dear friend.

904 Fixed: Rivercity Crit 2 Recap

Yes, you just watched Addison crash then get up and beast sprint to win. Check out the full event recap at 904 Fixed.

1st Place | Addison Zawada of 904 Fixed (Jacksonville, FL)
2nd Place | Manuel Velez of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
3rd Place | Keith Lechleidner of Champion Cycling (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
4th Place | David Velez of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
5th Place | Rafi Robles of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
6th Place | Brandon Waters of 904 Fixed (Atlantic Beach, FL)

Rivercity Crit 2

904 Fixed is hosting the 2nd installment of their Rivercity Crit. It looks like it’s gonna be a blast, but you must pre-register to be able to race. Get on it!

FB Event Page

Pre-register here

Rivercity Crit 2 is a fixed gear specific “twilight” criterium race set out on a 1.2 mile course (we know, we know… typically longer than your standard crit course) with 2 long straights, 2 shorter straights, 3 tight turns and a nice sweeping turn. The race will consist of 30 minutes of full-speed racing, with a 5 lap countdown immediately following. Boasting to be one of the few fixed gear specific criteriums with a cash payout for the grand prize ($150), participation coming from as far as Puerto Rico, we are more than proud of this race.

You WILL NOT be able to race unless you have pre-registered. There will be no day-of registration. A minimum of 10 racers must be registered a week before the event date or the event will be postponed/cancelled (any pre-registered will be refunded).

Spectators, photographers, videographers, out of town participation, and racers are all highly encouraged.