Speaking of All-City

I picked up a All-City Nature Boy last night! Got a good deal on it and helped out my dude Fabian with some cash from Red Hook Crit trip to Barcelona (at least that’s how I’m justifying buying another bike!) He had the set up pretty dailed, so I only swapped out the pedals (Time Atacs) stem, saddle and seat post (Thomson all day!). I can’t wait to go shred this on my commute this morning, then go hit some dirt after work!

Urban Velo | Alleycat Insights | Q & A with Jeff Frane of All-City

Urban Velo has a weekly series called Alleycat Insights (stemming from the Urban Velo #38 feature story, Alleycat Explosion), where Krista Carlson interviews a series of riders, messengers, racers and organizers about alleycats. This week she interviews Jeff Frane from All-City, go read his interview here (good stuff in there and great alleycat insight from Jeff) and look for my interview next week!