Cadence: Megane Glasses

These are some nice glasses from Cadence. Only ten of each… better get on it.

Megane(Japanese for Glasses):

-Very Limited engagement (think 10 each), once they are gone they are gone
-Original Cadence glasses
-Hand Made in Japan by some of the finest glasses tradesmen in the world.
-Mate finish
-Superb quality, high detail, very sturdy
-Strong 4 knuckle hinges
-comes with zero magnification lenses or add your own prescription.

Cadence: Sace Pouch

Looking for something to hold all those smaller items you got floating around in you bag or something to put them in when not using a bag or tool roll? Then swoop Cadence’s Sace Pouch!

Made in USA
Durable 800D cordura outer with soft padded liner to protect fragile items.
Rugged Hook and Look and back flaps for quick on and off attachment to Belts, Bags, Etc.
Perfect for phones, small cameras, contraban, essentials.
Staple Cadence product since 2007.

Interior dimensions 5.5″ x 4.5″