Ninety Miles To…

Ohai! This was my view Friday evening. Greg and I set out at around 530pm, to ride 9 miles or so to a camp ground up the 33 for Ben’s bday camping party. The ride up was awesome, I really wanna get back over to Highway 33 and do some exploring and more camping!!! Then Sunday Greg and rode the 100 miles or so back to LA in record time, 5.5 hours of saddle time, with a 40 min pit stop at Neptune’s Net for lunch. Great weekend!!!

Rider Profile | Alvin Escajeda

Alvin, Alvin, Alvin. One of the best additions to CBNC and CBNC Cycling. It’s been amazing to watch his growth as cyclist over the last year and I can’t wait to see him shred at all of the upcoming events this year. He’s one of the best dudes to go on #fixietours with and not only is he a teammate, but I’m also proud to call him my friend. I have high hopes for Yung Dildo and he’s one you should be keeping your eyes on…
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Disposable | Greg & Joe’s Excellent Adventure

Late last year, Greg and Joe rode down from SF to LA. Mel and I rode up from LA about 70 miles and met them on their last day riding at Point Magu. This was a great day, the first long tour for the boys and the first time Mel did a century + some (total 140 for the day for Mel and I)!
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Melanie Seeger

Words cannot express how much I love this woman and words cannot express how much I already am and will be missing this woman. Thanks so much for our time together, Mel, you surly changed me for the better and I am in debt to you for that. I wish you the best of luck with your new job and your travels across the country with your Dad this week as you head back to Virginia. Get home safe.


*Sorry for the sappy post, but it’s my blog and IDGAF.