Chicken Hawk Courier Service | Bundle

Robert has opened a pre-sale for his new t-shirts. You can either order just the t-shirt ($17) or you can swoop the whole bundle, which has a shirt, poster and a few CHCS decals (made by Luv Sik Grafix) for $30 bucks!

Soft cotton T-shirts printed in DTLA by Knice Clothing
CHC & Little Niki Design poster
Logo decals 2 white 2 black
Swoop it all at

It Never Gets Easier, You Just Get Faster

Robert sent this over and I’m loving the homage to quote from the great Greg Lemond. Robert made these back east during his trip to Ohio and New York and has a great story behind the making of these posters over at his site. As always everything sold goes right back into Chicken Hawk Courier and will help buy a cargo bike for the service!

We made a limited run of each color, each one being a little different because of the way they were printed. Im selling these on my Chicken Hawk LA store at $20 each. All the money goes towards Chicken Hawk Courier, saving up for our FIRST CARGO BIKE!

PS. dont forget you can still order our Chicken Hawk Courier Endo Customs Cycling Kit! Pre Order is open until Sunday March 31, 2013!


CHCS: ‘Merica Cycling Kits

Robert has opened up a pre-order for his Chicken Hawk ‘Merica Cycling Kits! Why should you buy one of these kits? Well, aside from them being made in Downtown Los Angeles by Endo customs, all proceeds from the sale of the kits are helping kick start Roberts self-made Chicken Hawk Courier Service and keep the service up and running. A service you all should be using. Robert designed the kits himself and really could use your help to keep the service up and running. Either by using the service on a daily basis or by buying a kit or do both! Support your supporters!

Swoop kits here.

Details from Robert:
To all my cycling friends, family and pretty much anyone out there! Endo Customs is letting me open up a pre order for my Chicken Hawk ‘Merica Cycling Kits. They’re letting me sell them as a fundraiser for my new business, Chicken Hawk Courier Service! Pre Order will be open for about a month so save your pennies friends! The money raised will all go towards keeping the service up and running.

Orders in before March 1st will be sent through on the 1st. Orders after that will be sent in on March 15th. Endo expects about a 6 week turn around time.