Geekhouse x Cuppow |2013 Kit Pre-Order

I miss getting last year’s Geekhouse kit, so I sure won’t sleep on this year’s kit and you shouldn’t either. Designed by Los Angeles’s local talent Adria Klora and also made right in LA by who? You guessed it, by the amazing Endo Customs (best kit maker ever!)!

Get your pre-order on here.

PS. There are Bottles, socks and hats too!

Geekhouse ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Kits Pre-Sale: Kind of Fitting…

I got this in the mail yesterday and it’s actually the second one Cuppow has sent to me. The first one got delivered to the wrong zipcode in LA (how does that happen?) and is lost in the mail, but Cuppow and Geekhouse being awesome, sent off another one right away and it serves as the perfect segway to this…
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