CX Report | SCPS #10 and 11| Long Beach CX Weekend

Socal Cross was in Long Beach this past weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Due to other races, we only made it out for Sunday’s event. Then due to a registration flub on my part and Socal Cx not taking cards anymore on site, I didn’t race. I did however poach the course (nice mix of grass and sand, mostly bumpy grass and a shitty run up) when I could and prolly had more fun then most, since there was no pressure. Mel did well in her race and came in 4th place, Greg was looking good until a washout to chain drop, left him out of the runnning. He’ll kill it next weekend. These are a few photos I took while running around, enjoy.
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Geekhouse ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Kits Pre-Sale: Kind of Fitting…

I got this in the mail yesterday and it’s actually the second one Cuppow has sent to me. The first one got delivered to the wrong zipcode in LA (how does that happen?) and is lost in the mail, but Cuppow and Geekhouse being awesome, sent off another one right away and it serves as the perfect segway to this…
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Melanie Seeger

Mel (CBNC) was the only lady* to tackle the CX course on a Track bike and the only one to do it brakeless (even with the later race, She was still the only one) during the fixlocross race Sunday… Goddamn!

Mei and Krista did it as well at a later race (with brakes). There was some confusion as to when the fixlocross was held, so they ran one at the end of the day. Props to those two ladies, as well! Hell yeah!!!