CX Report | SCPS #12 | 10th Annual Turkey Trot Cross

Sunday had us out racing in Glendale for Turkey Trot. This was a fun course. Two steep drops, two run ups, lots of off canter turns and chicanes, tons of fast grass sections, loose mulch and of course dirt! This was my fourth CX ever and I actually felt comfy and confident during my race for once. How did I do? Well, I didn’t crash and I didn’t come in last. I’m looking for to next weekend’s races and pushing myself to go faster and harder.
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CX Report | SCPS #10 and 11| Long Beach CX Weekend

Socal Cross was in Long Beach this past weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Due to other races, we only made it out for Sunday’s event. Then due to a registration flub on my part and Socal Cx not taking cards anymore on site, I didn’t race. I did however poach the course (nice mix of grass and sand, mostly bumpy grass and a shitty run up) when I could and prolly had more fun then most, since there was no pressure. Mel did well in her race and came in 4th place, Greg was looking good until a washout to chain drop, left him out of the runnning. He’ll kill it next weekend. These are a few photos I took while running around, enjoy.
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Western Bikeworks | Asylum Meuse, Up Close

Asylum Meuse, up close from Western Bikeworks on Vimeo.

My good friend Zach sent this over. It’s a close up of the build process Western Bikeworks did of the new Asylum Meuse. A carbon crossbike coming out of Asylum Cycles (shoutout to Rogue Ales!). Color me impressed, great edit on what looks like a great build for a equally great frameset. Now I want to see it in action!

CX Report | SCPS #5&6: Spooky-Kross Weekend

This weekend was a two day crossfest in Pomona at the Fairpex. Mel and I could only go for Sunday’s races and I regret not going Saturday, but sometimes life and other things get in the way. Oh, well. Why do I regret it? Because the course was fucking amazing. A flyover to BMX pump track, with whoops and other fun shit, then some fast technical grass sections, a sand trap and of course the pit of death. A steep drop into a hole, which then ramped up to a run-up. So awesome! How did I do? Well, I didn’t crash, didn’t get lapped by the Masters and I didn’t come in last. Here are my photos from the day, enjoy.
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