The Sleepers | CBNC x David Flores Skinsuits by Endo Customs

CBNC x David Flores Skinsuits by Endo Customs from CBNC on Vimeo.

Ace does the best job making us look good (he needs to step out front of the camera, one of these days) and these custom David Flores Skinsuits made by Endo make that job so much easier. Thanks so much to Ace, Bobby and Flores for such an awesome day of shooting, sick ass skinsuits and of course the design!!!

Damn, what frame am I riding? More on that later…

Tracko | Killin’ Me Smalls

I guess there is one last kit to buy this year and it’s good one with more then just bibs and a jersey. Kyle has a pre-order up for the new Tracko kit. You can choose (or get all) from a short sleeve, long sleeve, updated vest and bibs (all made by Endo!) or hope that you have been good this year and Santa hooks it all up. Either way, this kit rocks and you only have until December 2nd to swoop.