Fix It Sticks | Replaceable Edition & T-Way Wrench

Fix It Sticks sent over the Replaceable Edition of the Fix It Stick, which comes with replaceable hex heads and a rad recycled tube carrying case. I’m stoked to see the improvements in design and this has replaced my multi-tool in my tool bag. They also sent over their new tool, the T-Way Wrench for me to peep and I’m already impressed (replaceable bits on all 3 ends, comes with 7 bits right off the bat and the two short sides allow for leverage, with a long end that gives you reach providing you with a tool that has torque and access, sweet) and this tool will be coming with me on my upcoming travels.

Fix It Sticks: Good News & Bad News

I have been using my
Fix It Sticks for a couple of weeks now and I have some good new and some bad news. I’ll start off with the bad news. I broke one of the hex heads off, switching stems around. I wasn’t over tightening, just fastening a bolt down and away it broke. Needless to say, I was bummed. I took some photos and sent them over to Brian Davis and he had some good news for me.
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Fix It Sticks

I have been complaining about the small little keychained sized allen keys I keep in my tool roll for quite some time now. While they fit great and don’t take up any space, they just don’t have any kind of leverage to them. So, when I was sent an email about a new kickstarter for Fix It Sticks and an offer to try a set out, I jumped at the chance.
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