Fyxation: Mesa 61 Alloy Pedals Now Shipping!

Fyxation just gave me the heads up that their Mesa 61 Alloy Pedals are now Shipping. If you’re looking for a light weight platform pedal look no further.

We are pleased to announce that our Mesa 61 alloy platform pedal is finally in stock and available through your local Fyxation dealer. The Mesa 61 is versatile platform pedal that looks just as good on your urban assault vehicle as it does on your snow ready fat bike. Weighing in at only 380 grams/pair, the Mesa 61 is an all purpose durable thin platform pedal made out of lightweight 6061 aluminum, includes 20 stout replaceable pins and is anodized for durability.

The Mesa 61 rounds out our current line up of Mesa pedals that includes our nylon Mesa and Mesa MP (metal pin) pedals. The Mesa line of pedals was originally designed to offer a wide platform for urban cyclists but was quickly embraced by many different styles of riders due to it’s versatility, durability and affordability. The Mesa ($47.95), Mesa MP ($59.95) and now the Mesa 61 ($96.95) all offer a wide, thin platform and include sealed bearings, DU bushing and a cro-moly spindle. The Mesa 61 is also pedal strap compatible and works with most of the popular pedal straps currently on the market.

Fyxation: Gates Slim Pedal

Fyxation just sent this over. They have released a new slimmer version of their Gates platform pedal.

Platform pedals come in all shapes and sizes and range from a traditional BMX style platform pedal to high-end sealed bearing alloy pedals. These pedals continue to be a popular option as they offer a nice wide platform for many styles of riding and with various price points, there’s pretty much a platform pedal for anyone out there. Fyxation currently offers a complete line of pedals that includes our BMX style Gates platform pedals and our sealed bearing Mesa, Mesa MP (nylon w/replaceable pins) and Mesa 61 pedals (alloy w/replaceable pins). We’re happy to announce that our line of pedals just got a little bigger. Today we’re announcing the introduction of our new Gates Slim pedals.

Fixie Skidzzz!!!

Fyxation: Sponsored Photographer Contest & Joe’s Video Submission

fyxation contest submission from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

Fyxation has a sponsored photo contest going on and Joe (CBNC) just hit them with them hammer. Solid work my dude! Staring my homeboy and fellow CBNC team memember Ryan!

About a month ago we announced that we were throwing a photo contest where the 2 winners would receive cash, gear and to become Sponsored Fyxation Photographers. Basically these two photographers will be involved in all of our product launches over the coming months and will receive everything we are launching including a few items that are a bit bigger than what you’ve seen from us so far.

There are so many great photographers out there and often times you only hear about the riders in the shots or a handful of photographers that are connected with the industry. We decided to let anybody submit samples of their work to become eligible to compete in our contest. From that work we selected 10 finalists and sent them each a collection of Fyxation gear so they could set up their own Fyxation photo shoot.

Well the finalists have finally submitted all their work and the results have far succeeded our expectations. We didn’t want to have any kind of impact on the type of shots the photographers submitted so we gave them complete creative freedom and let them do what they do best. Because of this there’s been a bit of controversy with some of the photos but the point wasn’t for us to tell these creative individuals what to do. We wanted to see what they were capable of and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We’ve posted their images on our Facebook page and we’ll be announcing the winners this Wednesday. Please head over to our page to show your support and vote on the ones you like the best. Likes, Shares and Comments won’t be the deciding factor on who wins but it may help us give certain photos a closer look.

Thanks again to all of the finalists and hopefully you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had throughout this process.

Fyxation: Sponsored Photographer Contest

This is a great contest for a Sponsored Photographer by Fyxation. I know a lot of you will be jumping on this, so get out there and get snapping.

Photos of cyclists and their gear have the ability to inspire us, but behind every great rider or gear photo is a talented photographer. This contest is for the person behind the lens and is a chance to win cash and gear and become a sponsored photographer for Fyxation.

How do I enter? Submit a portfolio/samples of your work and a bio to info@fyxation.com by July 4th. From these entries, we will select up to 10 finalists that will be eligible to compete for over $1000 worth of cash and gear. You can send in any number of pictures you want and the can be of anything – not just bikes. The contest is open to photographers worldwide.

How do I win? Once you are selected as a finalist, we’ll send you out free Fyxation gear for you to photograph or use in a video. You’ll then have 2 weeks to post your work to our Facebook page. We are looking for creative entries, so don’t hold back. Let us see how imaginative and inspiring you can be! Winners will be announced on July 18th.

What do I win?
1st place: $300 in cash / $150 in gear / Fyxation sponsorship
2nd place: $150 in cash / $150 in gear / Fyxation sponsorship

All finalists: You get to keep the gear we send out for photos. (As a finalist, you are also eligible for ongoing product sponsorship)
Of course we would love to share your work, so images and videos shared during the contest may be reprinted and distributed by Fyxation. We will give photo credit in any re-distributed materials.

Fyxation: 2012 Handlebar Collection

Our friends at Fyxation sent over this sweet edit, shot with a little help from our friends at COG magazine. Plus, you can win one these handlebar builds on their facebook page!

Earlier this year we launched a complete line of handlebars that included our Rodeo bullhorn bar, Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn bar, Alterra Cafe bar, Steely HT rise bar and Comet drop bar. These bars added to our already extensive line of BMX and track grips, bar tape and bar end plugs. To showcase our complete 2012 collection of bars, tape, grips and end caps we put together this short video with some help from the guys over at COG Magazine. The video is about 30 seconds long but is compiled of hundreds of still photos taken over 3 days in the City of Milwaukee.

We’ll be giving away one of the handlebar builds from this video on the Fyxation Facebook Page on Friday. All you have to do to be eligible is to Like our page.