Giro | Republic Shoe | Chas

Great bit of knowledge coming from Chas on Giro’s Republic Shoe. Good stuff my dude and it was great running into you and having you jump on the Cross ride last weekend!

Meet Chas, of MASH SF and TCB Couriers in San Francisco. As a working messenger, entrepreneur and racer, Chas embodies a life on the move. We wanted to create a new kind of shoe for people like Chas – riders who need a dependable, capable performance shoe with style and versatility at heart. That shoe is the Republic

Giro: New Road – Northern California

This is a great edit, showing good times while riding, I would liked to have seen more close-ups of the actual clothes… I know most of these dudes and are they are homies and friends, but I don’t need to see their ugly mugs getting sprayed with water (ha!), except Ty, need more model shots of him! I do like that these are real riders, guys that shred and who did real rides for this spot, not chessy models posing with bikes. Keep it up Giro, you got a good thing going!

Peeped at Prolly, who is on the second leg of his trip in Australia, out of China and he’s back to regular posting. Have a great rest of your trip my dude!

Giro: The New Road

Giro’s new line of clothes has arrived and so have the male models. Ty and John actually make these clothes look good and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of these pieces from the New Road. The bibs and jersey’s have really caught my eye. Head over to Prolly for a great write on his adventures during the shooting on the line a few months ago and go to Giro to get the scoop direct from them.