Have a Great Weekend

Mel and I off for a mini vacation in Herndon, VA for the next few days. I’m leaving my laptop in LA and taking a internet break. Well… we all know I really can’t get unplugged, but there will no posts for the next few days. We’re back Tuesday, so posts will resume then, thanks!


Trails in Herndon

The best part of riding in Herndon was finding these little paths that would just appear out of nowhere on the side of the road and take you through some of the most fun trail riding through the woods ever and pop you out back into a neighborhood or onto a main road. Exploring as many of these as I could, became one of my main adventures during my morning rides.

This one kept crisscrossing a stream, which made for some wet freezing feet after barreling through the crossing. It was never deep, or running fast, it just made you feel like a kid splashing through puddles. I really can’t wait to come back in summer and hit this trail when the water is warm!

My LOW in Virginia

What an amazing trip. Mel and I just spent the last week in her home town of Herndon,VA. We were visiting her family and meeting the newest members of the Seeger clan, two cute as hell twin boys. While those visits were the main highlights of the trip, another great aspect for me was riding. I woke early and went for 20 to 40 miler every morning, through hills and dales, on road and off. I brought the LOW, since I really don’t get a chance to ride it that much in LA, but after this trip, that is gonna change. I really fell in love with this frame and build during my daily rides. The LOW handled everything that was thrown in front of it, gobbling the road, dirt and mud! It was a killer time and I can’t wait to come back and see Mel’s family and put rubber back on these Virginia roads.

Melanie Seeger

Just got back from an amazing ride with Melanie. We did 30 miles of mixed dirt and road, through woods and small towns. It was such a good time and with the best riding companion a guy could ask for. It’s gonna be hard to go back to work on Friday. We got two more days to get in as much riding as we can…