JDR | Team Fresh Air-Hunter

JDR shot this set for Team Fresh Air-Hunter and that Hunter CX whip is very nice (Carbon seat tube, so sick!). Great shot of Daryl my dude! Peep the whole set here.

From Buffaloa:
Daryl and his Fresh Air Bikes team-issue Hunter CX bike. Note the carbon seat tube and custom-anodized Paul components in Fresh Air blue. Unbelievably dope.”

JDR | NACCC 2013 Seattle

Our buddy John Reiss will be dumping NACCC photo’s online all week. This one of Christina Peck (2013 Seattle NACCC Champ!!! Hell Yeah!!!) is killer, that corner was a little sketchy (slight down hill, tight turn into gravel with a grate on one side), but once you got your line down, you were good to go. I realized I had scheduled the last of my NACCC report posts to go out last week, but through the magic of the internet… they disappeared. Those posts will be up today, I just got to re-write them!