Where the Hell Is Waldo Quatro | All City Scavenger Hunt

Where the Hell Is Waldo Quatro: All City Scavenger Hunt from GlockWork on Vimeo.

Are you looking to stretch your legs the day before the WPH Crit? Look no further, come out and race Justin’s 4th installment of his super fun race “Where the Hell Is Waldo Quatro: All City Scavenger Hunt”. See you Saturday!

Where the Hell Is Waldo Quatro is an annual scavenger hunt race that I created 4 years ago in DTLA, as a way to bring together messengers and commuters in a fun race setting. It’s a traditional Alley cat style race with checkpoints only; no set route. Winning is not just based on speed, but your knowledge of the city streets as well. This is the second year that we’ve hosted this event in three cities (Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Brooklyn) on the same day! The Waldo race is growing and might be expanding to 2 more cities next year! Ride safe ride fast!


That was a super fun day. Such a great promo for a race, so happy I was part of it, thanks Justin. Go race this shit if you’re in LA, NYC or Austin, all three cities are throwing three of the same alleycats, pooping off at the same time, on the same day!!!

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WHERE THE HELL IS WALDO is an all city ‘Alley Kat Style’ Scavenger hunt race. Cyclist are given an address and clues of where to find Waldo (real person or wheat paste) at key landmarks through out the city. No route, however you get there is up to your knowledge of the city. This year, in honor of our 3 year anniversary, we will be hosting the WHIS3 in Brooklyn NY, Los Angeles CA, and San Antonio, TX on the same day!!!