Rider Profile | Alvin Escajeda

Alvin, Alvin, Alvin. One of the best additions to CBNC and CBNC Cycling. It’s been amazing to watch his growth as cyclist over the last year and I can’t wait to see him shred at all of the upcoming events this year. He’s one of the best dudes to go on #fixietours with and not only is he a teammate, but I’m also proud to call him my friend. I have high hopes for Yung Dildo and he’s one you should be keeping your eyes on…
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‘Living the Dream’ with Alonso Tal for CBNC

Teamshit. My dude Zoe, the hardest worker in the crew besides Ace, who comes through with another great edit!!!

In this video, we follow Alonso as he goes about a typical day working and riding through out Los Angeles. Not to many people have the opportunity to incorporate cycling in to their everyday lives, but Alonso mixes work with play seamlessly in this vignette.