LOW Bicycles | The New Yorker

The New Yorker came by Andrew’s studio and produced a rad edit on who he is and what he does. Great interview on a great dude.

In celebration of the first week of New York City’s bike-share program, we turn to Andrew Low to speak about crafting a bicycle frame. Low is part of the expanding sphere of small-scale bicycle producers in cities like Portland and Chicago. We visited Low in his San Francisco shop, where he discussed tubing, homemade tooling, and the satisfactions of building by hand.

Peep the full interview here.

My LOW in Virginia

What an amazing trip. Mel and I just spent the last week in her home town of Herndon,VA. We were visiting her family and meeting the newest members of the Seeger clan, two cute as hell twin boys. While those visits were the main highlights of the trip, another great aspect for me was riding. I woke early and went for 20 to 40 miler every morning, through hills and dales, on road and off. I brought the LOW, since I really don’t get a chance to ride it that much in LA, but after this trip, that is gonna change. I really fell in love with this frame and build during my daily rides. The LOW handled everything that was thrown in front of it, gobbling the road, dirt and mud! It was a killer time and I can’t wait to come back and see Mel’s family and put rubber back on these Virginia roads.