Melanie Seeger

Words cannot express how much I love this woman and words cannot express how much I already am and will be missing this woman. Thanks so much for our time together, Mel, you surly changed me for the better and I am in debt to you for that. I wish you the best of luck with your new job and your travels across the country with your Dad this week as you head back to Virginia. Get home safe.


*Sorry for the sappy post, but it’s my blog and IDGAF.

WPH | Competitor Spotlight | Mel Seeger

While there are some great rider profiles over at WPH, this one takes the cake for me. I am very proud of this young lady and what she done on her bike over the last (almost) two years since we started dating. This is one to watch and not just cause she’s my lady, but because she works for it and has a ton of fun while doing it. Something a lot of us could stand to remember. I’m very stoked to see all of the racers going head to head (and gettin in the mix myself) this Sunday and hope everyone has a fucking fun time racing track bikes in DTLA.

Read Mel’s Spotlight here.